Pocko Japan



Who We Are



Pocko Japanは、東側と西側という2つの対照的な文化の橋渡しをし、クリエイティブな繋がりを広げたいという思いから生まれました。

私たちは世界中のアーティストやブランドが優れた作品を生み出しやすくなるような環境づくりを目指しています。文化交流にフォーカスしたクリエイティブエージェンシーとして、Pocko Japanはこのクリエイティブな繋がりをより広げるための活動を行う事に誇りを持っています。

Led by Nicola Schwartz and Ichiro Kono, two Royal College of Art graduates who have over 20 years mixing artistic and business projects in Europe, Asia and the USA. The rest of the Pocko team are from diverse international backgrounds including Japan and Europe.  

Pocko is an agency that specialises in creating content for brands in collaboration with world renowned visual artists. For the past 20 years, we’ve nurtured our creative connections through fruitful collaborations and a focus on innovative ideas. As a result, we’ve had the pleasure developing creative solutions for global brands with the help of our talented roster of international artists.

Pocko Japan was born out of a desire to expand those creative connections through bridging two contrasting cultures: East & West.

We want to make it easy for artists and brands from across the globe to create exceptional work. As a creative agency with a focus on cultural exchange, Pocko Japan takes pride in helping these creative connections flourish.